Review rules

Review form – download

When sending an article to be published in the “Pedagogical Contexts” journal authors agree to the journal’s review process. Submitted articles are subject to formal evaluation by the editorial team of the semi-annual journal, and then reviewed by two reviewers who are not members of the Editorial Team and the Scientific Council of the journal and have doctoral degrees and documented achievements in the field to which the article refers. Reviewers are not employed in the entity issuing the magazine. Sent articles are not transferred to the reviewers of the institutions at which the author of the text works. The articles are subject to anonymous reviews using double-blind review procedures – the author does not know the names of the reviewers, and reviewers do not know the authors’ names. The author is informed of the result of the review. In order to prevent cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship the editorial staff of “Pedagogical Contexts” implies the following procedure:

  1. The authors of the articles sent to the editors of the publication are obliged to disclose the contribution of other authors in the creation of publications (along with presenting their affiliation and information, who is the author of concepts, principles, methods, statistical summaries, etc. used in the publication).
  2. The main responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the information contained in the text lies on the author of the publication.
  3. Editors inform the authors that institutions employing the authors, scientific societies, etc. will be notified of any cases of scientific misconduct found within their publications.
  4. Editorial staff oblige the author to provide information on possible sources of funding publications and contribution of institutions, associations and other entities in the creation of the publication (financial disclosure).
  5. The editorial staff of the journal will document all forms of scientific misconduct, especially violations and breaches of ethics in force in science and academic world.